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An average Polish mail order bride is breathtakingly gorgeous, extremely intelligent, incredibly sweet, which makes her a perfect candidate for your wife. However, can you actually afford to date and marry such a woman? Let’s try to figure this out together.

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Dating platforms’ memberships and fees

Meeting a Polish bride is almost impossible in real life, unless you live in Poland. Of course, you can travel to Poland and try to meet women there but a better way to meet Polish mail order bride is via a dating site. Certainly, online dating and mail-order bride services are not free, so you will have to spend some money on those subscriptions. On most modern sites, the registration is completely free, however, everything else is paid options. For instance, pretty much all sorts of communication, including live chats, are premium features. So basically, you cannot communicate with women for free on those sites. At the same time, legit platforms guarantee your security, which is rather important when you are looking for a wife abroad. In terms of how much money you would spend on those sites, it’s hard to say the exact amount, but usually, it’s not an insanely huge sum of money.

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If you are an American or EU citizen, you don’t need a visa to travel to Poland. However, if you want your girlfriend to visit you, she might need a visa. For example, if you want your Polish bride to come to the United States, she will have to get a visa, which is obviously not free. For instance, a tourist visa costs $160 and a fiancée visa is $265. In case your girlfriend’s visa is not approved, the embassy does not provide any refunds. You can find out more information about U.S. visas for Polish people here.

Travel fees

Of course, the most expensive part of dating a Polish mail order bride, especially for Americans, is traveling. Transatlantic flights are expensive and there is pretty much no other way to visit your girlfriend in Poland or to bring her to the United States. So an economy round trip ticket from Warsaw to New York would cost you around $500. In case you live on the West Coast, the trip is going to be even more expensive. In addition to that, if you go to Poland, you will also have to pay for accommodation and food, which is also quite costly. The cost of traveling to Poland to meet your bride includes more than just airfare. As a tourist in Poland, you will also need to cover the following expenses:

  • Hotel. Poland is not an expensive country for tourists, so a medium-priced hotel room for one shouldn’t cost you more than $100 per night or $700 per week. You can also go for Airbnb to cut costs.
  • Food. You are probably not going to cook your own food, but there are plenty of places in Poland to get professionally made yet inexpensive meals. Food for a day should cost you around $50, or $350 for a week.
  • Transportation. In Poland, you can move around using public transportation, which is the cheapest option, or taxi rides. In small cities, you can also go on foot or rent an electric scooter. Transportation for one day costs approximately $50.

Therefore, if you fell in love with a Polish beauty, get ready to spend some money on flight tickets and hotels.

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Dates and gifts

The Polish bride would love going to fancy restaurants and receiving expensive gifts. At the same time, these women are not as demanding as most Western girls and your Polish bride is definitely not going to ask for extremely expensive gifts. Most of these girls simply do not need Chanel bags or sports cars. They appreciate your attention and support more than the presents you give them. These are the main expenses you’ll need to cover:

  • Planning the dates. In Poland, women hardly ever pay after the dates, so everything from covering the bill after dinner to riding home in a taxi is going to be your financial responsibility. It’s hard to estimate the cost of one date because there are so many things you can do, but a nice dinner at a restaurant costs around $100 for two, so things are not as expensive as you’d think.
  • Gifts for the lady. During the first few dates, your Polish bride will expect you to bring a gift—it’s an integral part of Polish dating culture. Something traditional like flowers, something special like a small piece of jewelry, or something fit to her interests like a book are the top options to consider.
  • Gifts for her family. When you first visit your bride in Poland, you may also meet her parents. This is a sign that the woman sees a future in your relationship. Naturally, you won’t arrive at their family home empty-handed. The best gift you can bring is something from your home country, but if that’s not an option, a safe gift like a bottle of wine and sweets will do.

So in terms of dating, Polish women aren’t fussy and demanding, which is a blessing for many men.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost in total?

The overall cost of finding a bride from Poland can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, and the final price depends on many factors.

Do I need to pay money to some agency?

No, most men do their own search and communication on a dating site. You will definitely need to pay for an advanced dating site membership, but there are no agency fees you need to cover.

Do I need to send money directly to the lady?

This is completely up to you, but most guys prefer not to send any money to the women before at least one real-life date, when you can finally make sure you are talking to a genuine Polish bride.

Can I send her gifts before we meet in real life?

Of course you can! In fact, this is one of the most popular additional communication features on most dating sites. A gift like a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates is a great way to get yourself noticed.

How can I save money on my experience?

You can try spending less time on a dating site and more time dating the woman in real life. Another option is to limit the number of girls you are talking to at once to one or two to avoid extra communication costs.

Final word

Polish bride costs will definitely surprise you since dating these gorgeous girls is actually way more affordable than American women. In fact, Polish women are neither fussy nor demanding, which makes them stand out among the other girls. Moreover, these ladies are particularly thrifty and practical, so they don’t like irrationally spending money on fancy restaurants or unnecessary expensive gifts. Thus, if a Polish bride is everything you can possibly dream of, go ahead and meet your soulmate on one of the mail-order bride services.