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Which Are The Best Russian bride costs Sites | UPDATE: September 21

  • Free browsing of women profiles
  • Basic & Advanced search
  • Communication via chat, mail, winks and stickers
  • Who viewed you?' feature
  • Arranging an IRL date
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  • Site has been matching Slavic foreign brides for 20+ years
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Most members have a very detailed profile page
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  • Browsing profiles of stunning Slavic girls, using basic and advanced search
  • Communication services include exchanging mail, textas
  • Send and receive photos/videos
  • Requesting personal info and meeting
  • Gifts or flowers delivery
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  • Sending messages is free
  • More than 20 languages
  • Registration is fast, easy, and free
  • Has the same features as the desktop version
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  • Browsing profiles of gorgeous women from different countries and using search tools for a perfect match
  • Sending and receiving mail, texts
  • Exchanging personal pictures and videos
  • Requesting contact information and personal meeting
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  • Female are mostly from Russia or Ukraine
  • Free account includes loads of free features
  • The design is simple and clutter-free
  • Very popular service with a large base of registered European beauties
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How much is a Russian bride?

To start with the price, it is important to understand that the amount of mail order Russian brides prices depends only on your personal preferences. If you want to find a Russian bride, you will have to choose a mail order bride service which provides a possibility to communicate and date a Russian lady. There are a lot of agencies today which help Western men find their perfect match in Russia.

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What is the average price, and what it includes?

If you are interested in finding your perfect match with the help of a dating site, be ready to spend nearly $5000-$10000 dollars. This amount includes all the steps from finding to live meeting and dating your pretty lady from Russia. Let’s find out in more detail, how much do Russian brides cost and what factors will affect the total amount that you will have to spend for a Russian bride.

Costs of a membership to an online dating site

There are many online dating sites and platforms that offer different prices for their services. The minimum price for a monthly subscription to such a site can start at $ 10 dollars, as more expensive ones can cost more than $ 100 dollars per month. Although Russian mail order brides prices directly depend on your use of paid services.

There is one more essential feature that most dating sites provide. It allows you to get yourself noticed by the woman, rise above the competition, cheer up your bride when she’s feeling down, and help her little dream come true. We are talking about the feature of gift delivery. With this feature, you can pick a gift, pay for it and for the delivery fee, and have the dating agency deliver the gift personally to the bride, while you get photo evidence that she received the gift. The gifts can range from flowers and sweets to jewelry, smartphones, and gifts for kids. The cost of the gift depends on its type, and the typical delivery fee is $50.

If you want to enjoy visits and communication on the online dating site to the fullest, the price for such services will be more than $ 50 dollars. For example, the average cost for communication in audio and video chats – is 2-3 dollars; sending a virtual or real gift will be nearly $ 10 dollars (but it’s entirely up to your present and desire).

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Romance Tour to date a Russian beauty

Online dating sites offer its users a unique feature – a romance tour, which is the main answer to how much are Russian brides. In other words, online dating service organizes your trip to the home country of your date, taking into account the smallest details. The main goal of a Romance tour is to make your visit more exciting and comfortable. But not so simple, this romance tour includes all costs you will have to spend on a flight, transfer, accommodation, and other necessities. The main part of the amount you are likely to spend for a visit to Russia is air tickets. It is not surprising because the greater the distance is between you, the more expensive it is air travel.

A visit to Russia should ideally strengthen your relationship with the bride and also give you some lasting memories from your trip. These are the most common expenses you’ll need to take into account when budgeting your trip:

  • Airfare. Depending on your location, as well as your destination city, roundabout economy class tickets can cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,500. Upgrading your tickets will make you spend up to $3,000 on airfare for one.
    Accommodations. A few Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi, are fairly expensive, so you can get a decent hotel room there starting at $200 per night. In other cities, it is perfectly possible to get a nice room for one for around $50.
  • Food. Depending on your eating habits and where you live, you can spend between $50 and $150 per day on food.
  • Transfer. Getting to and from the airport, as well as around the city, is possible with the help of public transportation, which is the cheapest option, with the help of a taxi, which is more expensive but still affordable, and by renting a car, which is the most expensive option but also the one that gives you the most freedom and comfort.
  • Sightseeing tours. When you visit Russia for the first time, you naturally want to make the most of your experience and not just limit yourself to your hotel room and restaurant. Guided tours in English in Russia’s leading travel destination cost around $100.

Another important aspect before the trip is preparation. You not only need to know – how much for a Russian bride or everything about Russian brides cost. The most important part of preparation is to know more about their features, culture, traditions, mentality. This all will definitely help you make your communication and meetings with your Russian beauty without misunderstandings and barriers.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn’t there a fixed Russian bride cost?

Because the cost of meeting a Russian mail order bride on a dating site consists of many smaller expenses, it’s impossible to know the exact price of your endeavor until you finally put the wedding ring on your bride’s finger.

Why can’t I find a Russian bride for free?

Because reputable dating sites want to maintain a safe and respectable dating environment, and this is only possible when every man takes this experience seriously and is ready to invest money in it.

Can anyone provide me any guarantees?

No, you can only expect the dating site to provide you with the features you paid for, but the success of your online dating experience depends on your dating style, on your ultimate goal, and even on luck.

Should I send money directly to the bride?

Most dating sites actively discourage men from sending money to women, but if you’ve already met in real life and want to continue the relationship, there is nothing stopping you from doing it.

Are there ways to save money in the process?

You can try either limiting your number of active conversations to one or two or trying to spend as little time online as possible before finally arranging the date in real life.

To sum up

So, how much does a Russian bride cost? As already mentioned, Russian bride price depends on some factors and only on your own preferences. Just choose the most convenient and affordable online dating site and create your own love story today.